How to Have Fun with Your Mastiff on Holidays!

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November, 26, 2013

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The holidays are closer and closer... Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year's Eve... So today we have decided do not focus on dog training or behavior issues. Let discuss some ways of having fun with your beloved pet. Be sure engaging the activities you both enjoy will help to improve your bond.


1. Explore your own town or take your doggie outside it. Walk around and maybe you will find some brand new stuff your dog will like.

2. Have a dog pal party. It can be any occasion - your Mastiff's birthday, anniversary of his adoption, arrival of new canine family member. In fact, it will be a great socialization opportunity for your pet and guests dogs.

3. Take your Mastiff on vacation! Just be sure to consider his needs for water, snacks, rest and, of course, local conditions.


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