Heavy Duty Stitched Mastiff Dog Leash

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  • Model: L113#1024 Leather dog lead 13mm


Best for Training Dog Leash for Mastiff

Is your old leash too long or too short? Does it hurt your hand when your Mastiff pulls? Are you fed up with thin dog leashes that always tear? You’ve got an ideal decision – this Best for Training Dog Leash for Mastiff. Made of high quality leather, it is really strong to rely on, yet soft enough not to cause cuts on your hands.

This leash is so quality, that even such small items like snap hook and O-ring are made of brass – corrosion resistant metal which looks gold-like and make the leash’s look golden and shiny.

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Hand-stitched dog leash for Mastiff for different activities

Super quality dog lead for Mastiff breed

Top-quality Mastiff leash with brass O-ring and two snap hooks

Timeproof leather leash, waxed edges

Key features of this Mastiff Leash:

  • 100% full grain latigo leather
  • Floating O-riongs
  • Snap hooks made of brass
  • Handcrafted
  • 1/2 inch wide
  • Smooth waxed edges
  • Stitched with wax coated thread

Intended use of this Mastiff Leash:

  • patrolling
  • training
  • walking

Sizes available:

  • 5 ft (150 cm)
  • 7 ft (210 m)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

Due to the floating O-rings on the whole length of this leash and two snap hooks, you can use it in different ways.

Shoulder loop: make a loop, attaching one snap hook to the O-ring, stitched on the leash. Attach another snap hook to the dog’s collar.

Tether your Mastiff: wrap the leash to any object and attach the snap hook to your Mastiff’s collar.

Around your waist: wrap the leash around your waist and attach the snap hook on the other end to your dog.

Double leash: walk two dogs, attaching two snap hooks to two dogs and take the leash in the middle.

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