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  • Model: L20B#1024 Nylon cord dog lead


Cord Nylon Dog Leash for Mastiff with Extra Strong Snap Hook

If you are a happy owner of Mastiff, you probably understand that this powerful breed needs additional control and extra strong leash. This Cord Nylon Dog Leash would be an excellent choice for training, tracking, patrolling and many other different activities. Make you dog unique Ė buy this bright cord nylong leash!

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Tracking nylon lead for Mastiff with solid snap hook

Best for excercising Mastiff nylon leash, black / red color mix

Cord Nylon Leash for Mastiffs

Mastiff lead of nylon strong material, Blue / Black chess ornament

Key features of this Mastif Leash:

  • 4/5 inch (20 mm) thick
  • Best strong nylon
  • Brass reliable snap hook
  • Cord type
  • Chessboard ornament

Intended use of this Mastiff Leash:

  • tracking
  • patrolling
  • training
  • walking

Sizes available:

  • 5 ft (150 cm)

Available colors:

  • blue/black mix
  • red/black mix

Learn the main advantages of this Mastiff Dog Leash:

1. Being made of nylon, this leash is very strong and durable. These features make this leash the best tool for training your powerful Mastiff.
2. Nylon isnít afraid of water, so be sure to use it confidently even in rainy weather! It wonít get spoiled.
3. Nylon material doesnít lose its shape even if your dog pulls the leash all the time with all its strength.
4. This leash is decorated with awesome chessboard ornament. Due to it, this leash looks unique and unusual.
5. Gold-like snap hook is made of brass, which is very strong, unbreakable and rustproof.

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