Fantastic Multitasking Leather Dog Leash with Braids and Studs for Mastiff Breed

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  • Model: L36##1024 Studded Leather Dog Leash


Walking, Training, Tracking Mastiff Lead with Braided Leathern Decorations and Studs

Dogs grow so quickly. In a few months you notice that your cute baby dog you used to tease and play with is a crazy puller...Now you canít take him in your arms, slap him slightly and say that he does something wrong - you need another lever.

We recommend you this Extremely Effective Leather Canine Leash for your Mastiff. Manufactured of selected materials, this lead is a very dependable and long servicing product. It will easily cope with strong Mastiff breed providing much comfort for the handler at the same time. Due to its thoughtful and well-implemented design, using this leash is a real pleasure. It will be your faithful and reliable assistant in everyday walking, training and can even do for tracking if you like.

It is a very safe, eco-friendly and extremely gorgeous product. Due to fantastic decorations your Mastiff can feel each day like he is the winner of a dog show and he can really become one. In fact, this lead is a very efficient dog control tool and it can easily withstand hard working conditions and time influence. The leash is very simple and convenient in operation. It can be used as a usual daily gear or as professional one and it will fulfil its functions on 200%.

Order this leash now and enjoy it already in a week (or less)!

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Strong and gorgeous dog leash will perfectly do for Mastiff breed

Approved quality and awesome look

Reliable lock won't let your Mastiff to break loose

Reliable tool for leading and guiding your Mastiff

Key features of this Mastiff Lead:

  • selected full grain genuine leather
  • worked out and smoothed edges
  • decorative braided pieces
  • 6 half-ball brass studs
  • riveted at stress points
  • ultra comfortable handle
  • convenient grab
  • polished brass snap hook

Intended use of this Mastiff Leash:

  • walking
  • tracking
  • training

Sizes available:

  • 2 ft (60 cm)
  • 3 ft (90 cm)
  • 4 ft (120 cm)
  • 5 ft (150 cm)
  • 6 ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

Here are only few benefits of this Mastiff Dog Leash:

Crafted of 100% full grain genuine leather (please, note that we do not use any fillers, fake leather or leather wastes) the leash is a very durable piece of dog equipment. It is much more reliable and serviceable and looks great. Due to sturdy material it is made of, the leash is doomed for long years of good service. Control of your dog is easier and much more convenient as well because of flexible structure of leather: when your dog pulls the leash it stretches a little bit instead of breaking or tear. Thus, awkward or undesirable situations are not going to occur with this lead and your Mastiff will be always controlled well.

Polished brass buckle is more than just a wonderful decoration of the leash, it is a strong and dependable lock that will never let you down. Should your Mastiff pull or yank the leash madly, the snap hook wonít unclip. At the same time, it is very easy to unlock it for the handler. The hardware is rust and corrosion proof.

The edges are carefully worked out and smoothed, then waxed. Early fray or deterioration is not going to happen no matter how frequent you use it. Total durability is increased due to riveted ends. The rivets are hand set and they carefully fix the parts. There are no chances that the leash will tear apart or break because of your dog excited and energetic nature.

The handle is rather smooth and soft - very gentle for the handlerís palm. It doesnít cause rubbing, irritation or allergy. The handle provides very convenient grab and thus, excellent control over your dog.

Please, learn several rules of how to protect quality and look of this leash:

  • Never wash it with water. It is the worst enemy of leather material. It can lose its gorgeous look and even crack.

  • The same thing with radiators. Never use them for drying your leash out.

  • Use water repellent to prolong life of this leash and to protect the material from bad water influence.

  • Condition the material several times a month to hydrate it and return shining look.

Mastiff leather leash with braids with handset decoration for daily activity

Mastiff leather leash with strong handle for any activity

Mastiff leather leash of braided design with handset adornment for daily walks

Mastiff leather leash with durable handle for safe walking

Mastiff leather leash of classy design with brass plated hardware for any activity

Mastiff leather leash with reliable handle for improved control

Mastiff leather leash with be-in-contol handle studded for safe walking

Mastiff leather leash with rust-proof hardware for quality control

Mastiff leather leash handmade with riveted hardware for improved control

Mastiff leather leash with rust-resistant brass plated hardware for perfect control

Mastiff leather leash with duly riveted hardware for quality control

Mastiff leather leash with non-corrosive hardware for better comfort

Mastiff leather leash with rust-free brass plated hardware for perfect control

Mastiff leather leash with corrosion resistant brass plated hardware for basic training

Mastiff leather leash with rustless brass plated hardware for better comfort

Mastiff leather leash with duly riveted brass plated hardware for professional use

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