'Personal Groomer' Mastiff Dog Nail Trimmer


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  • Model: KA1##1024 New nail clipper


Safe Dog Nail Trimmer for Mastiff Grooming

Do you think that dog nail trimming is too complicated thing to do? There is a great invention which would surely change your mind about it! Get this Safe Dog Nail Trimmer and make sure that dog nail trimming has never been so easy.

This dog trimmer has a special stop, which won’t allow you to cut too much of the nail, causing pain in dog. Use this trimmer every 3-4 weeks and your Mastiff won’t suffer from painful walking because of long toenails.

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Easy-to-use Mastiff claws trimmer with vinyl handles

Convenient Mastiff dog nail trimmer with special "stop"

Dog claws trimmer with sharp blades

Mastiff nail trimmer: vinyl handles and blades

Key features of this Mastiff Dog Nail Trimmer:

  • sharp blades
  • special stop for cutting fixed length of the nail
  • vinyl handles
  • rustproof

Intended use of this Mastiff Dog Nail Trimmer:

  • Mastiff grooming
  • clipping of Mastiff's claws


  • length 5 inch (13 cm)
  • width 2 1/5 inch (5.5 cm)


  • Steel blades
  • Vinyl handles

‘Personal Groomer’ Nail Trimmer helps you to make regular pedicure for your loved Mastiff not causing pain or injuries. Steel blades are sharp and strong, due to which it will take you a few seconds to cut each claw. Vinyl handles don’t slip in the hand and provide you with a secure grip. Special “stop” makes the process of dog trimming super easy, even for inexperienced dog owners: you won’t cut too much, that’s why your dog is protected from injuries. Don’t be afraid of the dog nail trimming process! It is easy and super convenient with this ‘Personal Groomer’ Dog Nail Trimmer!

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