'Smart Lock' Mastiff Dog Leash of Strong Nylon


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  • Model: L99##1024 Nylon leash with brass snap with smart lock


Easy to Maintain Nylon Dog Leash for Mastiff

Do you find it difficult to care for your dog’s leash all the time? You can easily solve this problem if you buy this Easy to Maintain Nylon Dog Leash for Mastiff. This tool is strong and long-servicing, and can be used in any weather – no matter if there’s a fog or rain outside. Purchasing this leash, you free yourself from unnecessary concern about quality and durability – you just enjoy your walks with your loved doggie.

This dog gear is equipped with a massive “smart” snap hook, which will take you a few seconds to attach it to the dog’s collar. You can be 100% sure that it won’t unclasp at a crucial moment.

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Dog leash of of strong nylon material

Mastiff dog leash of durable nylon

Smart snap hook of nylong dog lead

Brass snap hook with smart lock of nylon Mastiff leash

Key features of this Mastiff Dog Leash:

  • Made of nylon
  • 3/4 inch wide
  • Brass smart snap hook
  • Heavy duty stitched
  • Floating O-ring on the handle
  • Rustproof fittings

Intended use of this Mastiff Dog Leash:

  • Walking your dog
  • Training your dog
  • Agitation work with your dog
  • Police training

Sizes available:

  • 6 ft (180 cm) long

Available Colors:

  • Black

The main advantages of this Mastiff Dog Leash:

1) Nylon material, which is basic for this tool, is very practical, extremely strong and unbelievably durable. It withstands perfectly heavy pulling loads and doesn’t get deformed with time. This material isn’t afraid of water contacts and wet weather, so you can use this leash even in rainy weather and let your Mastiff do water sports.

2) This leash is 100% safe for the dog’s health since it doesn’t contain any outside chemicals.

3) This product’s peculiarity is its unusual large snap hook. It has a smart lock, due to which you can save your time when you are getting ready for the walks or training.

4) The floating O-ring on the handle allows you to wrap the leash around your waist and secure it with the snap hook. Due to it you will be able to walk your Mastiff with free hands. You can run, carry the bags or cycle with your dog!

5) All the fittings of this leash are rust-resistant as they are made of brass alloy. This means, that this leash will stay as new as the day you bought it for many years!

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