Mastiff Training Fire Hose Dog Bite Tug


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  • Model: TE522#1024 Fire Hose Bite Tug(6x30cm) 2 handles


Extra Durable Dog Training Tug for Mastiffs

Do you want to train your Mastiff with high quality tools only? Welcome to mastiff-dog-breed-store where you can find anything your dog needs at affordable price and of the highest quality. On this page you are offered to consider Mastiff Training Fire Hose Dog Bite Tug meant for training, playing and biting skills developing of your “green” Mastiff. This tug is made of really sturdy material which won’t get punctured and worn in short time. The size (2 1/3 inch × 12 inch without handles) makes this gear super convenient in use and you will definitely love working with it. 2 handles, heavy duty stitched on both ends provide the opportunity to vary the training, which is always a great fun.

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Sturdy bite tug for training Mastiff breeds

Mastiff bite tug with 2 loop-like nylon handles

Mastiff puppy training dog bite tug

Dog fire hose tug, 2 1/3 × 12 inches

Key features of this Mastiff Dog Training Bite Tug:

  • Dog-safe
  • Handmade
  • Nontoxic stuffing
  • Heavy duty stitched
  • 2 handles

Intended use of this Mastiff Dog Training Bite Tug:

  • Bite work
  • Retrieve item


  • Length - 12 inch (30 cm)
  • Width - 2 1/3 inch (6 cm)


  • fire hose
  • nylon handles

This Durable Mastiff Bite Tug is made of fire hose, which is:

1) Made of canvas and rubber inside lining that provides the sturdiness and utmost wear-resistance;
2) Resistant to dog bites and doesn’t get punctured;
3) Safe for the dog’s teeth despite its durability;
4) Completely allergy-free.

Please, be advised! The bite training tug is not a chewing toy!

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