Mastiff Dog - Faithful Family Protector

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A happy and well adjusted Mastiff is always ready to protect his family, if and when the need arises. You will only understand the temperament of the Mastiff when his house guard temperament is brought to light. Ordinarily, it is a gentle giant that shows no signs of aggression. 

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If your Mastiff is tired leading normal usual life, brighten it with a wide range of dog sport training and other activities. We will help you with our Online Mastiff Dog E-store to make your pet active and sporty.  

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Fabulous Leather Collar with Pyramids

studded dog collar

Fascinating Studded Collar for Active Mastiff 


Do you have a feeling that you need to change something in your life? Everything disturbs you, usual things are boring, even your dog is irritated and angry... Pamper yourself and your Mastiff a little bit with this Classy Leather Collar with Beautiful Riveted Pyramids. We bet that you will be amused with this handcrafted work created by our most skilled craftsmen. 

Leather Agitation Harness with Extra Soft Chest

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Softly Padded Mastiff Harness for Agitation Work


Mastiff is a proud and strong breed and he requires due training every day. We have an excellent training tool - this True Leather Agitation Harness for your Mastiff. Professional dog trainers love this harness as it is safe for dogs when they are engaged in attack work. However, you can use it for obedience training and daily walks as well as it is so much easy in use and in control of your Mastiff.

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