Mastiff Tips from Trainers - How to Cope with Dog's Dominance

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March, 25, 2013

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As you know it is believed that such big dogs as Mastiffs are inclined to show their dominance. There is an opinion that this is a natural behaviour for them. Some dog owners say that dominant dogs become very stubborn and disobedient. So what should we do with our dominant pets? Read below what dog experts suggest:


Control all meal times. Dog specialists state that it is necessary to introduce specific meal times. This will show your Mastiff that he is fed by a person who will be accepted as a leader. Command your dog to sit in a firm and clear voice before meals. This will help him to understand that you control the meals and YOU are the dominant person.


Reward your Mastiff for good behavior. It is believed that it is necessary for every dog to differentiate between wrong and right and an owner is a person who is in charge of this task. Dog trainers admit that if you encourage your dog, he will understand that he is on the right track!


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