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Dog Leashes/Leads

Dog leash is as much necessary gear as the dog collar.
The process of choosing the leash requires to be very serious.
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Our Mastiff webstore offers wide range of the best leashes.
We have nylon, leather, chain, cord, tracking dog leashes, couplers, leads with 2 snap hooks, round leashes and pull tabs.

All available leashes are of an excellent quality. In accordance with your needs we can offer great leashes for any occasion, of various colors, materials and length. Nylon, genuine leather or chain ones - leashes purchased in our webstore are guaranteed to serve long, help you to cope with your Mastiff and emphasize you among lots of other dog owners. All materials, our leashes are crafted of, are of super high quality.

Leash is the connecting link between the dog and his owner. The leash properly matching to the collar will never inflict harm to your dog. That is why we have wide range of both leashes and collars.

All leash hardware is made of high quality metal that promotes its long and proper servicing. Remember that any caring dog owner should have several dog leashes for various occasions.

The leashes of our webstore combine excellent quality and affordable price. Don't put yourself in an awkward position using a usual cord. The leash for a dog is as much important as the tie for a businessman. Convenient system of order will help you to make your purchase quickly and easily, while our support team will be always glad to help you in choosing equipment for your dog.

Dog leads, collars, muzzles, harnesses, toys and professional dog training equipment are always available in our webstore for you.

Each dog should have the leash in addition to the collar. Without it the collar becomes almost useless accessory and decoration. The leashes evolved together with the collars and today they are not just a connecting link between the owner and the dog. In the city, in congested human or traffic flow the leash can be a life saver for your Mastiff.

The leashes differ in accordance to the material they are made of, as well as with the area of use. It is quite obvious that show round leash is absolutely inappropriate on the training ground. The main materials the dog leashes are made of are nylon, leather and metal chains.

By their purpose our leashes are divided into leads, chain leashes, cord leashes, short leashes, couplers, leads with 2 snap hooks, round leashes and pull tabs.

in order to make proper choice picking up the leash you should take into consideration the size and the age of the dog, his temper and breed. All metal parts must be made of high quality material and be welded as the strongest leash loses all its advantages if the snap hook is weak and of low quality. Technically you can buy a snap hook separately, especially if you have a large and strong dog.

If you are looking for dog leashes for use in training, you need those made of nylon. As a rule, their length varies from one to twenty meters. The price of the leash of the kind depends on its length and reliability of the snap hook. These leashes are very long servicing and can withstand huge loads. Be very attentive if choosing the nylon leash as with all its beauty it has a very unpleasant ability - it slides and can rub your palms. Besides, the dog can gnaw through even the strongest leash. Remember it when you leash your pet.

If you need to keep your dog leashed for rather long, use chain leashes for the dog not to chew it through. Remember, that the chain must be welded and the snap hook -  strong and reliable. That is why it is better to choose the leash in our store.
Chain leash is an excellent way for training your dog not to chew the leash. These leashes are usually not longer than 1,5 meters and they look very harmoniously in combination with metal collars. Please note that the weight of chain leash and metal collar can be too much for some dogs so it can be uncomfortable.

If you often leash your dog for short periods of time, to do shopping at the supermarket for example, the leash with 2 snap hooks will be very suitable for it. Being about 2 m in length, the leash is equipped with several O-rings. It allows to regulate the length of the leash quickly and easily. This kind of the leash can also be used for training medium sized dogs. Please note that the leash should be stitched with 2ply seam and have no additional decorations which can scrap your hands.

If you are the owner of Mastiff or other large and strong dog, you won't make it without a pull tab. It is a short leash that usually consists of the loop and massive and reliable snap hook. Its only disadvantage is the impossibility of length regulation.

If you walk 2 dogs at the same time, check our couplers. They consist of the leash doubling at the end. Each of the ends have its own snap hook. The benefit of such coupler is that its ends do not knot together. However, walking 2 dogs that rush into various sides is almost impossible.

As for the dog shows, here you will need a round dog leash. It is a special show dog lead that should be chosen separately for each dog. Remember, that the leash is one of the main tools to control the dog. Security of people around and the dog himself may depend on it.

See our collars, muzzles, harnesses and bite tugs and toys as well. Quality, style and functionality of our product will amaze you.

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