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Mastiff Harness

Wide range of carefully selected harnesses is sold at our Mastiff webstore. We offer harnesses for dogs of various breeds and sizes.
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If you need a long servicing high quality canine gear, pay your attention to the leather dog harnesses.
Genuine leather is a guarantee of durability that won't surrender to your Mastiff's strength and will help to develop his natural qualities.

We also bring to your attention high quality light weight comfortable nylon dog harnesses. All dog harnesses offered in our webstore are made of high grade materials that stand water and dirt very well. Due to softly padded internal parts comfort of your pet is guaranteed. Convenient design allows to put on and off the harness quickly and sewed reflective trims will secure your Mastiff in the city environment.

Leather dog harnesses are made of the best sorts of leather due to which they serve very long. All metal parts of the harnesses are made of high quality alloys with guaranteed reliability.

Our range of harnesses includes also exclusive harnesses - those for rescue and veterinary aims.

There are patent models of harnesses intended for canine specialists. Use of these harnesses will show your professional approach, will assist in your work and prove that you love and take care of your loyal friend.

Dog harnesses is the type of dog gear that allows to control a dog better, to use him as a sled dog, as well as to develop canine strength and endurance.

Today you can find dog harnesses for almost any breed, from Chihuahua up to Great Dane. The harnesses are crafted of various materials: fabric, lace, nylon, canvas, velor, leather and fake leather. We provide only those made of nylon and genuine leather materials.

It is very convenient to use the leash with anti-pulling harness if the dog behaves excitedly. Due to this kind of harnesses (under proper fit) even the child will cope with your Mastiff breed dog. Walking harnesses are recommended to be used for calm and non-aggressive dogs.

Choosing the harness for your Mastiff is rather difficult matter as good harness should fit the dog's body well and not to sag. Otherwise, its efficiency will be decreased and the dog will feel uncomfortable.

Pay your attention to the correspondence of the harness to your Mastiff's strength. Do not economize on cheap models. These harnesses are usually made of low quality materials, do not serve long and if deteriorating they can hurt your dog. Harmonize the size and strength of the dog with durability of the purchased harness.

In recent times, use of reflective trims for harnesses became very popular. They will make your dog visible for drivers and for you at night.

Remember, that constant use of the harnesses is not recommended. The reason is that after wearing the harness he feels not enough comfortable in collar. It can be explained by the shift of gravity center.

In order to choose the material and the shape of the harness properly, first make up your mind what you need it for. While choosing the harnesses for service dog, pay your attention on leather harnesses with wide straps. It is obligatory to check all metal parts and how the straps are stitched.

If you need a sports harness for sled dogs you should better choose nylon dog harnesses. They don't have metal parts, are stitched well and are very light in weight. The peculiar feature of these harnesses is special side rings or spreader bar for attaching the rope. Sometimes they are equipped with additional fixators (e.g. for work in team).

There are harnesses for strength training or dog sports competitions. They are used for short training sessions but often. Their durability is worth paying careful attention. Pulling dog harnesses for load attachment are used for developing dog's endurance (these loads are removable that will help you to choose the required weight for pulling), while special vests help in rehabilitation after fractures or surgery.  

Harnesses are indispensable for dogs with thick necks such as Mastiff breeds. It is more desirable to use a harness than a collar for these dogs as they are easier to breathe in it, the neck and throat are not damaged. The harnesses of the kind are usually crafted of light materials.

It can be both nylon or high quality crafted leather decorated with studs or spikes. These harnesses for Mastiffs are usually sold in combination with leashes of the same color.

Another category of harnesses is the harnesses with specified design, that helps to lift the dog from the ground. These harnesses are used for dogs that by some reason (trauma, old age, surgery) move hardly or cannot move at all.

Thus, the main criteria in choosing the harness must be area of use, the size of the dog, his body shape, practicality of use. The last what you should think of is the price as the cheap harness can not only inflict external injuries but more serious damages as well.

Have a look at our collars, muzzles, leashes and bite tugs and toys as well. Excellent selection of those will please you for sure.

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