Mastiff - The Heaviest Dog Breed Ever

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September 30, 2013
As you know Mastiff is considered one of the heaviest and biggest dog breed in the world. For example, English Mastiff named Zorba had the greatest weight ever recorded for a canine, 343 pounds (or 159 kg); "Mighty Murphy" from England weighed about 340 pounds (or about 156 kg). We think these examples are obvious enough for you to believe in this superior fact. Moreover, "normal" weight of an adult Mastiff male is between 180-200 lbs (between 80-100 kg).
If compared with other large dog breeds such as Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound Mastiffs, especially English Mastiffs, also look very impressive. They are not so tall, but their weight compensate this "fault". The reason why Mastiffs are so large and massive lies in incredible combination of power, size and strength that no one other dog breed has. You know smaller dog breeds look very funny besides Mastiff giants. Also some of the dog owners notive the interesting fact that you need about 40 Yourkshire Terriers in order to match the weight of one adult Mastiff dog!
Nylon Dog Collar with Silvery Conchos for Mastiff Breed is brought today to your attention. It is a very convenient and reliable canine gear for daily walks, professional training and exercises. Due to its practicality and very gorgeous look, the collar has conquered its popularity at once and today it is one of the most favourite products in our web store. Unlike leather material, nylon is water friendly and that is why this exact Mastiff Collar will do for any weather or any season. The strength of this product is undoubted - nylon differs with its durability, long serviceability and resistance to shape or color loss. This collar is an excellent tool for curios and overexcited Mastiffs. Buy it now and have more pleasure from interaction with your canine.
Mastiff is a proud and strong breed and he requires due training every day. We have an excellent training tool - this True Leather Agitation Harness for your Mastiff. Professional dog trainers love this harness as it is safe for dogs when they are engaged in attack work. However, you can use it for obedience training and daily walks as well as it is so much easy in use and in control of your Mastiff. This harness wouldn’t be so good for agitation without its padded with thick soft felt chest plate. It prevents your Mastiff from painful hit if he falls trying to bite and also protects his sensitive skin from rubbing and irritation. 
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