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Mastiff Muzzle

We are happy to offer you a very wide range of various muzzles for Mastiff breed. Today dog muzzle is a necessary accessory, prescribed by law in many countries.
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You will surely find the most appropriate muzzle for your dog among wide range of those our Mastiff e-shop offers. Leather or metal muzzle: the choice depends on your needs. Secure your pet and everyone around. Dog is an animal first of all and as any animal he has instincts hard to resist. We guarantee that our Mastiff muzzles won't hurt your pet. Leather dog muzzles will let your dog feel free, while high quality straps prevent him from inflicting any harm to people around. An exceptional feature of leather muzzles is that they themselves do not injure your Mastiff if he hits his snout. Leather material is absolutely safe for walks in frost. Due to convenient system of buckles the muzzle can be put on or off quickly, being held on the dog reliably.

Metal dog muzzles will be useful for owners of formidable dogs. Metal muzzles, available in our Mastiff webstore, are equipped with additional leather or felt lining, protecting the dog's skin from rubbing. Crafted of high quality stainless steel wire, metal muzzles will serve long and will be a reliable tool that prevents your dog from unwise actions. You can also purchase metal dog muzzles with the heat insulation material. These models are intended for walking the dog in strong frost.We do not recommend you to use these muzzles in hot time of the year.

Be sure that purchasing the muzzle in our webstore you are guaranteed to get a necessary high quality accessory absolutely harmless for your dog.

In choosing the muzzle for your Mastiff, you should remember that he will have to be muzzled for rather long time. That is why it is so difficult to find the best one, although stores offer dog muzzles of almost any shape and kind.
Muzzles with cone shape are offered most often, but they are absolutely uncomfortable as instead of laying on the dog's snout these types of muzzles astringe it. It is recommended to buy the muzzle with cylindrical shape. Due to such shape your Mastiff will be able to open his jaws and put out the tongue.

Dog muzzles are usually crafted of various materials. The most widespread of them are leather, metal, nylon or plastic.
By their shape the muzzles are divided into basket, enclosed or loop ones.

Leather basket muzzles will do the best way for non-aggressive dogs. Made of strong leather straps these muzzles allow Mastiff to breathe free and to put out his tongue. Besides, leather dog muzzles have rather light weight. The lightest muzzles are only plastic ones but they can crack under low temperatures or because of the hit. Their use is reasonable if your dog takes part in races where any extra gram of weight is important.

When you select leather dog muzzle for your Mastiff you should determine the desired material. Muzzle is usually called leather one both if it is made of genuine leather or of fake leather material. Artificial leather muzzles cost less but they won't serve long. Although genuine leather is a little bit more expensive, it is much stronger and such muzzle will serve for many years.

Pay much attention to the rivets that connect the straps together. Make sure that they have no burrs and are made of high quality metal. Also pay your close attention on the way the muzzle is to be fixed on your Mastiff's snout. If your dog got used to it and doesn't try to take it off, it will be enough only one neck strap. Otherwise, it is better to use the muzzle with the neck and forehead straps.

If the dog is aggressive or is trained for aggression, it is recommended to use metal wire muzzle. It is better to use it in the above-zero temperatures as in frost the dog's tongue or skin can freeze to it. The muzzles with insulator or rubber coated wires can protect from it. However, these muzzles are heavy enough so it is better to use them in exceptional cases.

Front metal cage (sometimes double) is usually used for decoration. However, sometimes it can prevent your dog from picking up garbage from the ground. If you decided to buy a metal wire muzzle, make sure that the wires are vertical. It will minimize the possibility that your dog can break the teeth in it. You should also remember that steel wire dog muzzles have one unpleasant peculiarity. In case of a hit your dog can hurt not only the object of aggression, but himself as well. Remember, it is desired to use metal dog muzzles only for large and aggressive dogs.

Our enclosed dog muzzles are made of 100% full grain genuine leather material. It is a mediate variant between steel and leather basket muzzles. Muzzle of the kind will prevent even the angriest dog from biting. This type is much safer for your Mastiff, though it is not recommended to keep the dog muzzled for a long time in hot days because dogs control temperature of the body through panting. The main advantage of the full snout muzzle is its rather light weight.

Lately, the world's market started to offer leather and nylon loop muzzles - the so called bear loops - more and more often. Nylon muzzles of this type are usually fixed on Velcros, while leather loops, offered at our Mastiff store, have head and neck straps fixation. It is recommended to use it if a calm dog needs to be transported in local transport without breaking the law, as well as for visiting the vet or friends. In choosing the muzzle remember that it is bought for a dog but not for his owner and first of all it must be comfortable.

Please note, that our Mastiff webstore has wide range of collars, harnesses, leashes for various needs and occasions, as well as bite tugs and toys.

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